Shields your back

The best exercises to protect your lower back. No potential pitfalls for this exercise: chest is stuck with a bank, so you can forget to pull momentum to lift the weights.

All that effort is to do the muscles of interest: the rhomboids, those eternal exiles workout routines.

How many movements of the upper body to push you?

A lot. And how many shooting drills? Virtually none. Until today. Because if you develop the rhomboid muscles located in the center of the back, will balance your program and improve your posture.

Grab two dumbbells and stretch face down on a bench. Pull them towards the ribs, one second scapulae shrinking in the highest point of the movement. The dumbbells should only move up and down about 15 cm. The higher you raise the more apertures scapulae. Do 5 sets and 5 reps.

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