Mediterranean diet to lose weight?

DietThe Mediterranean diet and its profit for food, but the specialists are not clear if it comes to eating a positive food groups, or rather a series of healthy behaviors that avoid weight gain.

The Mediterranean diet is generally rich in fish, fruits, vegetables, legumes and cereals and low in dairy intake and red meat.

There are studies that have found many profit for those who follow things as important as protecting the cardiovascular system and diabetes, and helps you lose weight to overweight or obesity.

In this regard, we echo today of a study conducted by the University of Navarra in which more than ten thousand Spanish for 38 years, which was followed up six years on their usual consumption of food.

During those six years, the average annual weight gain per participant stood at 240 grams per year. The investigators observed that those who followed the Mediterranean diet best gained less weight over the years, and were less likely to fall into the overweight.

The key may lie in the consumption of fiber, causing a fullness and prevent overeating unnecessary. But doubts remain, as there were a high fat content associated with the consumption of olive oil.

Today there is still debate about the Mediterranean diet, weight loss if used or not. There are specialists who are not entirely convinced, and if a majority agrees that this is a good diet to reduce those extra kilos that we accumulate with age.

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