Half of overweight men is good health

It says a U.S. study of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The study has been published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine and the results break a handful of clichés and preconceptions: blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels than a third of men and women studied, all of them suffering from obesity were perfectly normal. The funny thing is that, as Judith Wylie-Rosett, director of the study, “normal weight adults suffering from a range of cardio metabolic abnormalities.”

So eye: being thin is no guarantee of good health. The same study says that 25% of American adults, who do not have panic attacks every time I get on a scale, flirt with the disease. “These individuals had risk factors suggesting coronary problems or diabetes type.”

Another interesting point of the study, obtained after a detailed examination of the data from just under 5,600 men and women, all of sedentary habits, points to the location of body fat. One factor, according to Judith Wylie-Rosett, is as or more important than diet or the amount of fat in sight. The director believes that has been well proven “to be visceral fat between internal organs and can be more dangerous than fat on the thighs or buttocks higher.” Something that was reconfirmed when científicios team measured the dimensions of the waists of patients, only to find that over 36% of people with measures far above average positive results in your blood.

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