Everything good that can give you a plum

How hard can it be grabbing a plum of fruit every day and get better nutrition? Eating healthy is extremely easy; you just need the will and the willingness to try other foods that do not usually eat.

Well, between that new and healthy you can try include plums, this small fruit the size of a ball that fits in the palm of the hand and comes in variety of colors (red, yellow and violet). If you need an extra kick of energy and good nutrition, then this fruit will help you spend your days feeling much better

and that is the source of many vitamins and other nutrients.

A piece of plum contains no sodium, no cholesterol or fat, and only has about 30 calories and one gram of pure fiber.

It also contains ten percent of the RDA of vitamin C, and is full powerful antioxidants called phenols, which neutralize free radicals in our body. These phenols have been found to prevent damage in the brain, in our bloodstream and in membranes of cells.

Aside from Vitamin C, plums also contain a good dose of vitamin A and vitamin K, and minerals such as manganese, copper and potassium. They have high sugar content, and so are great for getting an extra dose of energy. A couple of plums can make a good snack to keep you healthy and active throughout the day.

And if this were not enough plums fairly well attended with absorption of iron, protects against macular degeneration, and can be included in the diet in countless ways. You can eat them fresh, dehydrated, in shakes and smoothies, including pizzas and cooking of pork deliciously well know. Anyway, eat plums and get energy, nutrients, and many benefits.

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