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Plyometric exercises involve potential jumps, rebounds and repetitive use of force rather large. When doing plyometrics your muscles contract, shrink, stretch immediately and instantly return to shorten. All this seems almost impossible that is for athletes or athletes what water is to fish. Plyometric jumps are fast movements that occur in short periods of time. They are ideal for those who want to improve their muscle power, strength or speed. They are also great for those who want to lose weight, tone up and get more muscle definition.

Here are some benefits of plyometric jumping

Speed and Power
Originally, plyometric jumps were designed for sprinters, football players and track and field athletes but eventually spread to all sports that exist in the world today. At inevitably get plyometric train with speed and power and because the nature of these jumps muscles get maximum power during stretching (or eccentric) and immediately follow with a shortening (or concentric contraction). All this makes your muscles to produce greater strength and to shorten the cycle of stretching and contraction, improving your speed and muscle power.

With power and speed are also muscular strength gains. And the good thing is that plyometric jumps are not just for the lower body. In fact there are plenty of workouts with stairs typically used for these jumps that include push-ups, some types of press releases with fitness balls medicine ball for your upper body. For the lower body can develop strength with many forms of squats, squat jumps, box jumps, depth jumps and others.

Weight loss and body fat percentage
Plyometric exercises require a lot of energy because of its high intensity nature. Practically you will use your whole body and will activate a lot of muscle groups so burning calories during each workout can be immense. This obviously promotes weight loss. But also to be using your whole body, jumping, bouncing and others, promotes muscle tone in all your areas, allowing more definition. Plyometrics are a combo cardiovascular and strength training to get the best of both worlds with a single way to train.

However, plyometric exercises are not for everyone and if you’re going to get to train in this way you have to know that if not done correctly the chances of injury are great. The dive right way with plyometrics is starting with light exercises and training with low volume. Then go and gradually progressing and gaining strength.
Moreover repetitive jumps and rebounds put much stress on the joints so do not do it if you have a joint problem. But if you’re not well entrenad also your muscles around the joints are weak, and that further hurt your knees or ankles. You should always seek the prior approval of your doctor, and do it when you start a slow and easy at first and gradually try to improve.

Otherwise, if you have the ok from your doctor and your body then you have another great tool to improve your body quickly.

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