Dinner- Fruit thins!

It’s fast, safe and provides few calories. However, no fruit thinning dinner, as many men have been found after implementing this habit and weighed within a few weeks.

The temptation is there: you come home tired, peel a banana, an apple and perhaps a pear … and dinner is ready. However, so your dream of removing fat deposits. That’s just going to make exercising and, in any case, leading to long term (and not just a few days) a balanced diet that includes “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” You know: vegetables, fish or any light meal … two hours before bedtime.

If you look at the fruits, you will notice that they have a very specific nutritional composition: are abundant in water and fiber, rich in vitamins (A, C, folic acid) and minerals such as potassium and magnesium. However, they are still a “dessert”, which means that if you bet on them at dinner stop taking other food groups your body needs, for example, to create muscle tissue, which get no fruits.

That is, if you only eat fruits, will have plenty of other essential nutrients, such as fats and proteins. On the other hand, fruit sugar naturally contain in their composition, so these excess (more than 3 or 4 servings per day) can cause an imbalance in our diet which favor us away, alter the organism. That is, and you reply to another question, l fruit fattening as anything that has calories, just as it is not bad to eat fruit at night (except for some whites who are not used and gives them heartburn; This myth, like so many others have also come to Spain).

Yes, the fruits are very good for men who retain too much fluid (in this very specific case if it can help you lose weight), helping to pee a lot more, so you eliminate more waste products (but not fat) . Otherwise, eat fruits regularly will help, in addition to cleanse the body, to have clearer head and body, particularly the legs, lighter and less cumbersome. That is to say, the bloodstream and will strengthen the arteries and veins.

In short, you should always dine a fruit, but dessert. Everything else is a miracle. If you want, go to the gym because it is where more miracles occur.

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