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A round of Easter does not want to hear about food from the soup through the toast, all have been excesses, now I need to eat healthy.

I have started to work on recipes for healthy and balanced but they are also rich, and I love a recipe that I find it quite tasty, accustomed to a sad salad or some steamed vegetables, this recipe is different and will bring joy to our diet.

Take note of the recipe I have for you for today:

Eggplant stuffed with fresh cheese (Ingredients)

  • 4 eggplants
  • 250gm. Burgos cheese type
  • 150gm. ham or turkey
  • 75gm. grated Emmental cheese
  • Tomato and onion sauce,
  • 2 tablets Avecrem Chicken Broth
  • Olive oil

Eggplant stuffed with fresh cheese (Preparation step by step)

Chop the eggplant in half, make diamond-shaped cuts in the pulp and cook in a pan of boiling water with the pill Avecrem Chicken Soup shredded for 6 to 8 minutes.

Drain and drain the eggplant pulp using a teaspoon. Heat three tablespoons oil in a nonstick skillet and saute eggplant pulp for 5 minutes over low heat. Add the tomato sauce and onion and cook Gallina Blanca all together for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and add the chopped ham and cheese diced Burgos.

Fill the eggplants with the previous preparation, sprinkle with grated cheese and gratinarlas under the broiler until the surface has acquired a nice golden color.


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