Basic for anyone who wants to go jogging

These points show you then be followed by both professionals and beginners and anyone in between. It’s the basics you need to run out.

Warming at the beginning / end Cool
Heat and cool at first end, despite what it may seem tedious, it is essential.

Heat to run is to start more slowly at first, a bit of jogging, some jumps and some small stretches, although the latter is best done during the cooling period when your muscles are warm and more flexible. The goal is to prepare a heating body for what follows. You’ll get maximum efficiency and feel an energy boost.

Aims to cool your body slowly return to normal temperature and remove waste from the muscles you’ve worked. Here you have to stretch, always knowing your limits. If you pull the end of your outputs to run the next day there will hurt both muscles, whereas if you do feel more durable, with less hassle and more range of motion.

Running Walk / Run to Run Faster
If you want to increase your resistance to alternating currents running test. Many people think that you have to run to a single rate and sustain it. This is not true.

By alternating walking with running for beginners and intermediate, or slow jogging and running faster for the more advanced you can:

  • Increase the distance you travel running. Spend 5k to 10k for example, or prepare a marathon in a few months.
  • Reduce your chance of injury or overtraining.
  • You manage resources better.
  • You can increase by 50% and up to 100% the distance in a very short time.

Not every day the same
The marathoners understand it perfectly. The rule is that if one day run stronger, faster, or longer, or do a longer tour, you should follow that training with a day that is shorter and less intense than usual. Not every day has to be super intense, but we would quickly lead to overtraining. But instead if you deal with this little rule will get many benefits:

  • The hardest days have more strength and endurance and can run more or faster.
  • You can push yourself more
  • You recover faster
  • You progress
  • You avoid injuries and boredom of doing the same thing everyday

Build your foundation
To run faster or longer, or do more and in a more efficient have to build a foundation that is solid. Here are some tips:

  • Superate only 10%. This number is used to improve a weekly safely. Increases the time 10% or 10% of the distance, etc.
  • Develop the habit of stretching at the end of your workout. Do it from the beginning and will become incorporated. Stretching will improve your running performance.
  • Increase the distance gradually. Give your body a chance to adapt a bit to the new challenges before rising again.
  • Rest properly, especially after the days of maximum effort.
  • Approximately every 30 days reduced by 10% the distance and runs below or usual for a week. This will let your legs recover well and your tissues regenerate and be ready to return next week with more energy, strength and endurance.

Finally, running is a habit that develops and improves running. So Step into your shoes, designed a way to train that is running according to all the recommendations above and soon you will get a fantastic physical condition. And if you do it because you want to lose weight and get fit, run the way always recommend and those benefits come added.

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