Slimming Coffee

Slim drinkCarry away coffee in America long ago twisted into fashionable accessories. Whichever celebrity magazine you did not open, be sure to meet there a photo of actress or singer, strolling through the streets of New York and Beverly Hills with a great cappuccino. And it is not only in the fact that everyone loves the taste of the drink. Simply, caffeine has the unique property of lowering appetite, and therefore, it is essential for the rich and famous maintenance information.

There is a sentiment of satiety in humans when the body receives glucose, and then in the blood sugar level. The trick is that after drinking coffee sugar level in the blood, even if the drink you do not add sugar.
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The egg-honey diet

DietNutritious and full of essential proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates egg and honey drink.

Take two raw egg yolks, add 1 tsp. Honey. Beat the mixture with a mixer. Because the egg-honey diet used raw eggs should carefully consider their choice, and before eating properly cleaned with hot water and soap.

In addition to the egg-honey cocktail every day should eat a half a lemon. Lemon can be added to a cocktail, but it is better to drink tea with him (the most useful – green) and coffee, but no sugar. This is a very important moment for the egg-honey diet.
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How many calories need to reduce fat and lose weight?

The experts in weight loss agree that we should try to lose a kilo a week, tops. It is possible to lose more weight, but most likely at the expense of muscle and the liquid we have in our body. In any case always risky and ineffective as they either recover the lost weight quickly or fall behind your metabolism hindering the process of fat burning. Furthermore, the continued loss of a kilo each week than we are assured that only eliminate accumulated fat deposits in the body. This is the healthiest way to remove fat permanently and change body composition, while maintaining a high metabolic rate and healthy.

So if you focus on losing a kilo of fat you need to burn 9000 calories per week because one gram of fat contains 9 calories. Now, while this is the number of calories you need to burn to remove a kilo of fat not everything has to come from the diet. This is why you should reduce over 1000 calories per day, which is not recommended at all! Continue reading “How many calories need to reduce fat and lose weight?”

Tips to flatten the stomach

Bellies, rolls; those are everywhere and yet who wants to have it? But in defense of those who have a need to say that there are many lies, myths and beliefs that lead one in the direction opposite to that desired.

  • No, the belly is not reduced by the shrinkage
  • No, not lap belts shrink the stomach
  • No, not creams will reduce inches from waist

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5 Elemental Fruit Abdominal Fat Burning

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Full Body Workout with dumbbells only

Are you at home and only have a couple of dumbbells? No problem, with this routine full body 3 days will get something different from what you came by and also highly effective. Of course you can also do it in the gym and will be the same; you just need a pair of dumbbells.


  • Do this routine as you get results.
  • Progress make each series and each repetition count. Use the correct technique, concentrate on the muscle you are working and see gradually increasing the weight and / or repetitions to progress.
  • This routine is for both men and women, and the results are excellent for both.
  • Will train Monday, Wednesday and Friday. NOT add additional exercises, challenge with weight, technique and repetition.
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Do Plyometric

Plyometric exercises involve potential jumps, rebounds and repetitive use of force rather large. When doing plyometrics your muscles contract, shrink, stretch immediately and instantly return to shorten. All this seems almost impossible that is for athletes or athletes what water is to fish. Plyometric jumps are fast movements that occur in short periods of time. They are ideal for those who want to improve their muscle power, strength or speed. They are also great for those who want to lose weight, tone up and get more muscle definition.

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Basic for anyone who wants to go jogging

These points show you then be followed by both professionals and beginners and anyone in between. It’s the basics you need to run out.

Warming at the beginning / end Cool
Heat and cool at first end, despite what it may seem tedious, it is essential.

Heat to run is to start more slowly at first, a bit of jogging, some jumps and some small stretches, although the latter is best done during the cooling period when your muscles are warm and more flexible. The goal is to prepare a heating body for what follows. You’ll get maximum efficiency and feel an energy boost. Continue reading “Basic for anyone who wants to go jogging”

How to regain your fitness and your weight in a few weeks

If you’re reading this article because you think you or your fitnessĀ or your fitness is what you’d want it to be, or feel lack of energy, or the size of your belly grows, or perhaps all together. In any case we will give you tips about your meals and physical activity that will put your body in a better position in a few weeks.

With regard to what you eat
The math is simple, if you keep eating like you came eating your weight will increase. You have to eat less, but you have to eat better. Domina these two points and you have most of the battle won.

Top 5 Fitness Exercise for Muscle

If you want to maximize your time in the gym you know what they do not have to miss you ever: the squat, the dead lift, the press and chin, all with free weights. But today we will go further and we will show you a kind of top 5 exercises for each muscle group to stimulate maximum.


Top 5 exercises to develop the pectoral

  1. Bench press – Well done is between the first two exercises to develop the upper body.
  2. Incline bench press – It is the exercise that enhances the chest and gives the rounded shape.
  3. Dumbbell Bench Press – They work your pecs in a more concentrated.
  4. Dips – To train your lower pecs when done with elbows out.
  5. Dumbbell flies – A super solid exercise to open the chest. Continue reading “Top 5 Fitness Exercise for Muscle”