Weekely tips to prevent weight gain

Weight loseRelax in your proposals is to remove the limitations when eating. Fancy dining out, buying trinkets or stop by a fast food restaurant. Come Monday and repent for your weekly effort goes to waste. So we will give a series of simple tricks to avoid gaining too much weight on the weekend.

Enjoy the weekend, you have more time to do some exercise during the week do not have time. You will have fun and go out of the routine and it will exercise.
So why not go to a pool? If it’s winter and summer heated harnesses the sun and fresh air. Or you can go to the countryside on long walks, for example. The proposal is unlimited, just do something not normally do so you will not be liable or bores you.

• If you go to bars, do it with a full stomach so you do not drink much. Remember that alcoholic beverages much fat, so you should avoid them. One trick is to have a full stomach: thus do not apetecerá so much beer. This also has another advantage is that your pocket will thank you too.

• Go through the scale on Friday afternoon and Monday morning. Check with accurate data that you have gained during the Saturday and Sunday will cheer you up for the next weekend you with food controls.
• Take advantage of days off to sleep. If we sleep the body requires more energy to operate, and therefore also need more food. But if you rested the hormone that regulates appetite will not inform your brain to eat more.
• Plan your schedule as possible. If you do not have time to get bored, you’re not going to the refrigerator by inertia, and so you shall not eat without hunger. Conversely, if you have a thousand things to do not have time or remember to eat until you’re hungry.
• Even if your schedules are modified, as you forget the clock for two days, do not miss breakfast. You need to always necessary meals, and not because it is Saturday or Sunday you to forget it.

With these tips will achieve that the weekend is not a drag on your diet during the week. However, you martirices. Just two days are the ones you have to enjoy, indulge and have fun, so if you fancy a fancy gourmet, why not give it to you?

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