The most ridiculous diet in the world

Weight Lose DietThe diet of the moon, the banana, chocolate, the Anti diet, the dissociated … It would be difficult to list the amount of weight loss methods that became fashionable in recent decades. Until it has been said, among other crazy theories that drinking urine of a pregnant woman is the best way to lose weight. In this note we tell them what the most ridiculous diets of all time.

1. The cookie diet
A few years ago was one such famous Dr. Siegal, hypothyroidism and obesity specialist, whose weight-loss method was most curious.

It consisted of chocolate chip cookies or nuts to appease the appetite before a meal. Siegal sold thousands of books but was forgotten your diet with more pain (and kilos) that glory.

2. The Cauliflower

The diet of cauliflower had many followers. They claimed that eating only boiled cauliflower for lunch and dinner, you could lose up to four and a half kilos per week.

But soon, a study found that this system not only caused too many stomach problems but also a low level of mental concentration.

3. The Hot Dog

Incredible but true: that a person believes he can lose four kilos in three days, eating only hot dogs and vanilla ice cream.

That’s how unlikely it was the hot dog diet, tested in the U.S., which by their terrible results lasted just that: three days.

4. Of urine

For the squeamish, ask them to skip this point. This diet was to start the morning with a delicious cup of … urine of pregnant woman!

It is said that the regime was quite successful, especially because people who drank this liquid was so disgusted that it was not hungry for the rest of the day.

5. The chocolate

The dream of chocolate lovers has always been to imagine that they could eat without gaining weight tablets.

Of that fed this diet is impossible, based on daily intake of milk shakes or chocolate diet shakes. In theory, the light cocoa concoction was able to replace vitamins and burn fat in the short term. Of course, neither worked.

6. The Russian Air Force

The Russian military used this method to lose weight, until they realized that they were doing by hand.

At breakfast, they could only drink a cup of coffee and lunch, were filled with two eggs and a tomato.

For dinner: herbs with salt, pepper and vinegar.

It is said that the officers who followed not only lost weight but, after a year, were on the verge of malnutrition.

7. The lemon juice

The nickname acidic diet and, apparently, was tested by the singer Beyonce. Very simple: you had to drink for several days, a lemon juice with water and pepper, to detoxify the body, and accompanied only with vegetables.

Beyonce herself ended by admitting that I would not recommend this regime or its worst enemy.

8. The blood type

This theory had its fifteen minutes during the 90’s when a group of experts tried to show that each blood group was fed with a specific meal pattern. For example, those who were type O had to eat meat, while those of type A were resigned to become vegetarians.

Was less successful than the last movie of Kevin Costner.

9. The worm

Tapeworm Diet was one of many methods to lose weight in the rich and famous. The Uttembers developed by Dr. Kilian, who proposed to introduce an intestinal worm-taenias or parasites that inhabit the digestive tract of vertebrates in the human body to devour the fat body.

The worm had to live for weeks in the stomach and then be destroyed with a very strong medication. The theory was labeled not only ridiculous but also was considered dangerous, because it involved introducing a parasite in the body. Furthermore, when the worm died, one recovered every kilo lost.

10. Of the moon

Proponents of the diet of the moon are swearing that weight loss is linked to the human body’s ability to absorb water and that this mechanism responds to the force of attraction of the moon on the fluids. In broad strokes, the method involved making a fast of 26 hours of the changing phases of the moon.

During that time only had to take fluids, in order to detoxify the body to lose two kilos at a stretch. Some remain convinced that this diet really works.

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