The diet of chocolate

chocolate dietThe gastronome diet chocolate are lucky with the sweet chocolate diet, whose secret lies in the proper combination of this dish with other foods dark and spend not one ounce daily dose permitted. And thanks to its high vitamin and minerals, this effective and balanced weight loss plan you energy without causing flood attacks unseeded.

Allan Striver, professor at the University of Umea (Sweden), could show the paternity of the diet chocolate. Through a chemical-analytical study showed that this food of the gods not only has a high energy, but thanks to other nutrition could spearhead an effective plan aggrandizement.

Convoke all vinyl decorative. chocolate contains protein, vitamin A and B in abundance as well as calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, chlorine and sulfur. Its weakness is the arsenal of calories it contains, no less than between 518 and 535 calories per 100 grams. Although with a lower nutritional value, this overdose caloric equivalent of a plate of macaroni with tomato, white beans or cooked with games regal. Advertisement Mario mocha ossification Fronted fiber and its calorific value, a balanced diet and calorie (1200-1400 calories a day), which gives room in your table to a wide variety of foods. The strategy is ant kilos combined with high-fiber foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes).

The chocolate is less fattening when consumption is associated with fiber rich nutrients that when taken alone, as the fiber hinders and delays the absorption of fats and ash cakes. Los their best games of Ben 10. Another pillar of the success of this diet is to respect the daily dose of chocolate allowed. The measure is set to six ounces a day. Should be taken in one shot, preferably early morning, mid-morning or noon. Beyond the tea should not taste the daily diet because the body lacks enough time to burn the energy flow aorta. One or two kilos of chocolate diet seminal possible loss of two to three kilos a week. It is ideal for gourmands, to come down weight without anxiety attacks, and depressed, because their energy intake elevates mood. Although it can be practiced for a month, especially if the needs of losing kilos are not very ambitious, their menu is limited in quantity and in ration of bread, fat and starch.

The reason is that the regime is highly dependent on the calories introduced chocolate. Is best to follow for 15 days, toggle to a maintenance diet for one month and submit to it for another fortnight. Before their nutritional deficiencies, it is necessary to accompany Vitamin supplements that also incorporate minerals. Opt for rich preparations soluble vitamins, iron; vitamin B1 and fatty grass. Torso segue Junta advice to their inability to meet vitamin and mineral needs of the body, the diet of chocolate can cause constipation. To solve this problem we recommend eating wheat bran, seeds of Plant ago ovate, guar gum or glaucoma. All these fibers must be accompanied with plenty of water and drunk before making chocolate to further delay its sweet abortion. Seta diet will be more effective if food is thoroughly chewed and time. This achieves a greater sense of satiety and digestion much lighter. He also finds an ally in practice than a year, which should be consistent with the physical ability and age of the candidate for this mellifluous aggrandizement.

plan chocolate diet advocates a varied diet which stars the following Food: Beverages: Water, tea and fruit juices naturals.Cannes: Above all white meat, especially chicken or turkey without skin or fat. Occasionally, it also allows the calf or lamb downgrades.

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