Slim and fit without going to the gym and without strict diets

weight lose dietExercise and overeating and uncontrolled, it costs a little back to our usual size, however, with very little effort and in less time than you think, you can regain your fitness and a streamlined silhouette.

To be Slim and fit is the key start moving gradually, avoiding the annoying soreness and making the introduction to the sport so enjoyable and without wasting hours of free time.

Some of these tips are:
• Take the stairs rather than the elevator. These are just a few steps more and the difference is huge for our body!
• Get off one stop earlier in the subway or bus, and will walk all the way home and you’ll burn some calories and improve your circulation. In addition, certain that you get in a better mood after stroll down the street after a long day at the office.
• Do not forget to drink two liters of water a day, costs nothing and the effects are multiple for your body and your skin!
• Spend a couple of hours this weekend to ride bikes around town, if you as a couple much better!
• Walk the dog, it’s an excuse to aureate and pay attention to it, it sure has missed you today.
• Make a short series of stretches in the morning and start the day off right. If you feel mind and want to go to bed relaxed, try to repeat the stretches at night you will not regret!

Healthy Diet
To debug your body and give you energy in day to day, it is necessary to recover healthy nutritional habits. Suffice to implement some simple tips to achieve this:

1. Drink plenty of water (2 liters per day) to prevent fluid retention and keep hydrated. Water hydrates our skin and provides essential mineral nutrients to shine through.
2. Eating a balanced diet to keep in mind the 5 meals a day consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fruits and cereals. A healthy diet helps our metabolism does not accumulate fat and in turn give us energy for the day to day effectively.
3. Avoid eating heavy meals at night, rest better and will retain less fat. Also, avoid fried or breaded foods are a calorie bomb.
4. Sleep 7 to 8 hours is a must!

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