Routine easy for a flat stomach

Weight loseTo weight lose inches from waist and stomach, cardiovascular carry out is essential. You have many options that can accommodate your needs and lifestyle.

You can enjoy a walk in the morning, walking steadily. Or if dancing is your thing, sign up for an academy and takes this kind of sauce to make your metabolism work faster.

The most important thing is that before starting any exercise, visit your doctor to check your health.

Movements and frequency
To slim your waist and abdomen, routine practice with slow, controlled movements. Inhale as you raise your body and exhale when you go down.

In the first week do two sets of 10 repetitions. In the second week do three sets of 10 repetitions. In the third week do two sets of 15 repetitions and the fourth week do three sets of 12 repetitions.

Exercise 1
A. Get a stick that has at least one meter long. Lie face up on the floor with legs bent and soles on the floor and takes the stick with both hands.

B. Bring the stick back and raise your arms, neck and head for a few seconds. Contract your abdomen and then returns to the starting position.

Exercise 2
A. Lying on your back with legs bent, drop a point and locate the stick arms at your sides, parallel to the chest.

B. Lift your right leg, hip, buttocks and half of the thorax, so that you form with your body in a straight line sloping. Lower slowly and repeat with other leg alternately.

Exercise 3
A. Lying on your back with legs bent, making the club with hands and arms stretched up to 50 cm locate your navel.

B. Lift the neck and head for a few seconds, turn the legs and tries to get the toes touch the stick without moving the arms. Return slowly to starting position and repeat.

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