Losing weight on the juice

the juice dietPlump is not harmful diet, and it has already become a effect of the disturbed metabolism, which can not digest food efficiently. However, the solution is simple, inexpensive and yummy way – using a juice diet, which is very popular. It is likely that survive once a week during the period you do not succeed, but it’s not a problem, since it is possible to start with a fasting day that will clean the body and moderate your appetite.

The diet is worth considering that the factory juices are totally inappropriate for her. They need to be replaced by a fresh, because they are rich in fiber and different composition, which allows for easy absorption of nutrients and valuable substances.

At the same time add the sugar in the juice is unacceptable, all fruits and vegetables contain natural sugars – fructose, it is enough.

Why it is assumed that weight loss in the juice – it’s the best body cleansing? Because it operates at the same time there are two principles: fiber in their composition to effectively absorb all the toxins and simultaneously stimulates the efficient operation of the intestine, through which all harmful quickly deduced.

So, a day acceptable to drink 2 liters of juice, but it is important not just to survive the entire day’s worth, and to prepare the drink just before serving. In this case you can not drink the juice concentrate, it must be diluted with mineral water in equal parts, as otherwise the aggressive acid in the juice will have a negative effect on the body as a whole, and pancreas in particular. Are there any rules on the choice of juice? No, it can be guided by your preferences and characteristics of drinks that are worth considering more:

Juice of oranges

This drink is perfect bright tones, can fill the lack of strength and vitality. Effective saturation with its use of the body with vitamins will get rid of the blues and to resist colds.

The juice from apples

This drink a minimum of calories, but at the same time it has long been used for effective cleansing of the kidneys. Due to the presence of a large number of iron drink can raise hemoglobin levels and remove toxins.

Carrot juice
Improve the appearance of skin, hair condition, and spiritual harmony can return the carrot juice. Rich in vitamins, it can improve immunity.

Grapefruit juice

Despite the well-known fat burning properties of this juice improves the appetite, while it may be called a great anti-depressant, which will drive the blues, and will protect you from disease.

Beet juice

With this drink must be handled very carefully because it contains not only valuable, but the contaminants, which can get rid of due to aging for 2 hours in an open container. After such preparation the juice you can safely drink, knowing that he has a cleansing action and restores a lack of iron.

Pomegranate juice

This drink provides optimization of hemoglobin in the blood, it will naturally be an effective oxidant that can neutralize the negative effect of environment on the body.

Potato Juice

This is extremely medicinal drink, as shown in diseases of the stomach, while the drink is easily assimilated by the body.

Pumpkin juice

Due to the presence in the product variety of valuable substances, he has a beneficial effect on the human body and improves vision.

Cabbage juice

This drink is very effectively cleanses the body and removes from him, even long-standing accumulation of toxins.

Radish juice

This is a supplement to other juices as well as in the pure consumption of this drink can be dangerous. However, in diluted form, it breaks down and removes salt, which lead to serious illness.

If you survived the whole diet is responsible to treat out of it and refuse the use of very fatty foods with lots of components. Optimal nutrition in the early days – a soup that is consumed with the gradual introduction of solid foods.

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