Lemon weight lose diet

weight lose dietThe U.S. diet lemon enjoys a fairly popular. In our country, citrus fruits are available in stores throughout the year. In the price range they are also much cheaper than fruits and vegetables grown in our country.

Walker believes that the fullness and all its related diseases, most often caused by poor diet and clogging of the colon, causing what is eating incongruous with each product. That is why the very first step to losing weight and health promotion should be clear it. It should be remembered that the accumulation of any non-digestible substances slows down the process of cleansing the body. A slag out of the body through the intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin pores.

If you suffer from acidity of the body, then prior to use lemon diet should take a while vegetable juices. Also, do not use this diet for people who have a predisposition to appendicitis. Do not forget that in any case, before applying the lemon diet should always consult with a physician.

The first day of the diet should be cleared. In order to cleanse the body, drink a glass of salt solution which is prepared as follows: in a glass of water is mixed a tablespoon of Gluers salt. This solution is a magnet for toxins. Toxins accumulated in the body, seldom amounts to about four liters, so you can not forget about the filling of the body fluid. You must drink the solution, which consists of two liters of water and two liters of freshly prepared juice of citrus fruits. Such a solution should be consumed within half an hour after drinking a solution of Gluers salt, and continue taking it every 30 minutes until the liquid is gone.

Cleansing the body should be carried out for three days. If the organism survives this cleansing, you will get 12 liters of cleaning fluid instead of the same amount of slag.

Over the next three days to eat raw fruits and drink vegetable juices made from raw fruits. If, during the diet you will feel hungry, do not panic – in order to purify the body requires additional energy. But at the end of the diet you can feel a surge of strength, as well as get rid of unwanted pounds.

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