How to start your sports routine?

start sportsWeight lose only to show off our bodies in a swimsuit during the summer.  As time flies, there is nothing better to start now with a routine sports to keep us fit, and at the same time, we do lose those kilos we do not need.

Very importantly, be consistent, and begin slowly to properly habituate to sports daily.  During the first week, we can start with gentle exercise, aerobic to prepare our muscles and ligaments before starting to demand.

Starting the business spending about 10 minutes a day, little intense, almost taking the time to stretch and warm.  We must also take into account different points shown below-

The clothes that we will make sport

Whether walking, cycling or running, we need natural cotton comfortable clothing that covers arms and legs and is able to absorb sweat.


Obviously, footwear must be consistent with the chosen sport.  You should be comfortable, and if possible, breathable.

 Exercise time

Just as we recommend you start with 10 minutes daily and gradually increase progressively, from the first week, 5 minutes should be increased every 7 days up to the 30-45 minutes a day.  This time is more than enough.

If you combine diet and exercise …

Do not leave never to do the latter after a prolonged period of fasting, as it may cause hypoglycemia.

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