Healthy and slim diet

slimA diet is a lifestyle you are looking for the physical and emotional balance through a healthy diet in which no place or man made industrial products.

Although it sounds futuristic, this diet is of Japanese origin and is based on the principle of philosophy abutment limiting the consumption of cold foods and debilitating as sugar, dairy, honey or alcoholic beverages, and boosting the hot and tonic as cereals, vegetables and legumes, is looking for a physical balance that will bring in an inner well.

It is a mainly vegetarian diet and more specifically based on whole grains, so that some nutritionists emphasize the need for a medical check before you place upon (the lack of protein can make it inadvisable for people with dietary imbalances or anemia or lack of iron).

We must also say that in many cases, the diet has been westernized including some combinations of food to make it fit (and easier to enforce) to more people.

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