Eating right-10 tips infallible

tips infallibleThousands of tips to lose weight, keep skin hydrated, shiny hair, hold the line, have power … the list is endless. Not that all advice from your grandma are bad, but there are things you should not do, other that you should start doing and others that you should not combine ever!

The rule of thumb I repeat it ad nauseum … What about you keep breaking? Do not skip meals. The reason is very simple (and powerful)- Your stomach not know when to expect food again so send hormonal and neural signals for your body to store as fat as you are eating, instead of using it.

Dear diary … Make a food diary. Do not go crazy with the details, much less calories, the point is that you are aware of what you eat each day to make sure you are not abusing the bread, sugar or salt, for example.

Remove temptations Respect your decision to eat healthily and do not be fooled by buying a box of cookies or chocolates on the grounds that it will be for special occasions. You know that in less than a week that box is empty.

No distractions and slowly When you eat in front of the TV or you’re standing you get distracted and it’s easy to eat more than you should. Chew slowly so that your satisfaction with less food and improve your digestion.

Young and awake is normal to want to use coffee when you’re tired, but an apple has the same effect “clock” on you. If you want something warm to drink, prefer green tea (famous for its antioxidants).

The magic soup you eat soup more filling to eat pasta or rice. Why? Liquefied foods satiate you more than when in its normal state, and of course, that is liquid is all about. In addition, the soup has more healthful alternatives and nutritional preparation (liquefies any vegetable with a little sour cream and ready).

Friendly Fiber Fiber is your best friend, and more at night! If dinner daily, you prevent colorectal cancer (which has a very high morbidity and mortality), and if regularizas fiber dinners and significantly improved your digestion. Beware: you do not limit the cereal. Raspberries, strawberries, plums, apples, cucumbers, lettuce and many fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber (and taste!).

The irreplaceable There is absolutely nothing better for skin and hair hydrated … Water! Do not put all your hopes on treatments and moisturizers, it takes two liters of water a day and see a real difference.

Iron and dairy products with added iron abound in the market. It is important to know that if the product is dairy (or when mixed with milk, like chocolate powder) your body will not absorb the iron at all. Preferred combinations of iron with vitamin C (added juice or chile relleno dishes like a bean).

White Cheese is healthy and tasty but very unhealthy because it has too much fat. The only cheeses that are quite good for you- the panela and Oaxaca. No need to remove your intake of other types of cheese, only reduce it. Share the wisdom and tell us your tips and routines to stay healthy.

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