Diet on poultry meat

poultry meatNutritionists often advise losing weight at the time of replace conformist meat poultry. The fact that it contains a lot less calories. In addition, it is rich in mineral substances, through which our body can easily handle the difficult period of dietary restrictions.
Chicken and chicken
Chicken contains a minimal amount of fat – about 10%. In addition, these lipids are absorbed much faster easier than other fats of animal origin.

Another plus is the chicken that the meat is rich in protein and essential amino acids. We note, incidentally, that many diets are based on the protein. In the chicken there and glutamate, this, together with protein improves the nervous system.

Because of its low cholesterol content and the presence of vitamin B6 chicken helps the heart and blood vessels. Eating 250 grams of chicken meat provides the body of the daily rate of vitamin B6, which promotes the work of the heart and prevents the risk of coronary heart disease, dangerous for older people.

In addition to chicken, this vitamin include: beans, broccoli and peanuts. Eating dinner or lunch of chicken and vegetables not only contributes to the attainment of harmony, but also the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, chicken improves lipid metabolism, stabilize blood sugar levels and normalize blood pressure. Even some kidney patients feel improvement in their condition.

Chicken is also a godsend for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including gastritis. It does not matter, increased or reduced gastric acidity.

Even more useful to chicken. During his short life he did not have time to accumulate harmful substances, such as degradation products. And the protein in its meat anymore.

Nutrition experts recommend eating a chicken baked or boiled, without skin. You should not overdo it with the heat treatment. As soon as ready-pull, do not cook and simmer the meat. Eat more chicken meat immediately after cooking, so as not to lose a lot of useful substances.

On this diet you can eat chicken than vegetables, fruits, cereals, potatoes boiled in their jackets, and even in 200 ml of wine or a glass of beer every day.

However, half of the daily diet should be based on meat chicken, and everything else – on allowable products.

Because of this diet you can lose up to 4 pounds a week. The duration of such a diet can be arbitrary.

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