Champagne gets free of extra weight

Champagne dietThe American nutritionist, champagne can get free of excess weight. Because we can achieve harmony with this traditional festival drink?

On the assurances of the leading music channel MTV in New York, Kara Elvill Leiba, and daily consumption of 2.1 glasses of champagne makes it possible to reduce body weight. Four of a kind is known from experience. According to the girl, she was a plump child and hated myself for it. During her life she has tried the efficiency of various high-profile diets, including diet by the method of Atkins and Dukan.

At the opening of its own phenomenal diet based on the girl pushed the champagne, as it is strange that starts addiction to alcohol. As recognized by Kara herself, because of the constant stress, she began to drink every day 1-2 glasses of red wine. Then friends advised me to switch to a sparkling wine that is Champagne. She listened to the advice and, to my genuine surprise, noticed that the thinner.

A little experimenting with food and watch her weight, she came up with their own diet, principles of action which is described in detail in his book Champagne Diet.

If you decide to repeat the feat of Kara and lose weight with the help of champagne, you need to eat every day is not less than 2.1 cups of the drink. With regard to food taboos, but there is one rule: it is necessary to use only high quality products. The day is recommended to gain from 1200 to 1400 calories.

As the author says a happy diet in a glass of champagne is only 91 calories. But due to the bubbles quickly reaches saturation.

Many experts, nutritionists have already endorsed the invention. For example, employees of the University of Reading, agree that champagne, among other things, lowers cholesterol. A psychologist at the University Rouhemptona, Dirbla McCullough, said: With good nutrition, you feel great, and is unlikely to have products that lead to weight gain.

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