Arms big and strong and lively body

lively bodyThe measure of tango, salsa and mambo are some suggestions for exercise in a different way getting strong arms and an lively body by others.

Plenty of exercise
Stop a sedentary lifestyle will give you benefits such as increasing the capacity of the immune system, improve mood, reduce anxiety and the feeling of physical pain, increases the level of creativity and optimism helps the loss of calories, exercising the system cardio respiratory and moderates the appetite.

Exercise is essential if you want to lose weight, get a body agile, tough and toned. Do not hesitate, let laziness aside and hit the dirt and running.

Capoeira, which has its origin in traditional methods of defense Brazil, seamlessly blends martial arts moves and dance under the strains of lively music.

Introduced by the Bantu of Angola in Brazil, is ideal for developing strength, skill, endurance and flexibility of the body, thereby producing a more defined and sleek silhouette and reduce stress and relieve tension.

Pilates are a series of exercises designed to restore muscle balance, giving harmony to the body and even cure physical injuries. Its practice develops the body uniformly, corrects bad posture, improved flexibility, breathing, and lengthens and strengthens muscles. Elegant anatomy is achieved.

Center, control, coordination, concentration, flow, and breathing are the principles of Pilates. Its aim is to work the abdominal area and buttocks in order to achieve a strong and stable center that allows the spine and the rest of the body to move freely without pain.

Spinning is a group class where you have to pedal hard on a bike, to the beat of the music and following the instructions of the monitor that simulates different paths to entertain the participants. Its aim is to work the respiratory system, mobilize fat and tone buttocks and legs.

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