Weight Lose for Forking Diet

Forking DietOne of the most famous Weight lose Forking diets you can find information on the Internet is the Forking Diet, diet so called because the most widely used is the holder, a diet based on food intake that can be eaten from the fork.

The diet is based on the phrase that always remind us of the doctors: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a noble and dinner like a beggar.” Of course, it’s not going to eat too much but without pecking Poquita later.

The diet has two ways to take place, the strict diet and soft diet.

The strict diet is to eat foods that only have to eat with a fork only, and in whose preparation does not have to use a knife. It is somewhat difficult to understand without an example so here goes: fish, vegetables, peas, lentils (this is more complicated because not all the dishes of lentils could be made to eat with a fork).

As for the bland diet would be based on eating no matter how they are prepared but are eating with fork.

Among the foods forbidden by mentioning some, would be: appetizers, olives, chips and any by-products, bread, fruit, chocolate, sausages, candy, yogurt, soups, ice creams, cereals, butter, jam, honey, pizza, chicken, fruits whether to fight, cheese, meat, etc..

What I recommend you to check with your doctor because it is a diet, you see, quite difficult to carry out and maybe your body can not tolerate it. Needless to say, it is a diet for a few weeks, never abuse it too.

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