Weight Lose Diet for Each Person

Weight loseWeight lose diet for each person one of the most curious is this type of diet, diet based on the personality of individuals, with a control diet and exercise, created by Dr. Robert F. Kushner where, through 66 questions about habits, attitudes toward food, exercise and self-improvement, offers a different diet according to the answers.

This diet, which can be purchased through a book, offers tips for changing behaviors and attitudes, not just to diet but to a change of life at the turn of a sedentary lifestyle to a more active.

The diet is based on several important foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, dried beans, lentils and soy products. These foods are characterized by low or moderate fat, rich in vitamins and other significant nutrients.

That itself is not a vegetarian, but many of the dishes are of this type. There are also fish dishes and poultry and lean red meat, but these are usually minimal.

On this diet, there are many criticisms, pro and con. There are experts who see the relationship that exists between personality and diet, or a change in diet and food can make a person lose weight. However, it sometimes happens, which is better a personalized diet to a diet generally because not everyone is the same diet, despite what the experts say.

Moreover, not all people fall off the food that is best in all diets, which have to do a study of the person, their habits, attitude and motivation to achieve good results.

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