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weight loseLosing weight it will need to take care of the sagging of the body, as this can be a problem that can also cause stretch marks.

To begin to lose weight and tone your body, you need to make a continuous combination of anaerobic and aerobic routines, because that way you can lose weight and gain muscle immediately. It is equally important to have an appropriate mix of food, as some meats, like chicken breast, are indicated to start making muscle.

Boxers use rope for cardiovascular exercise, but also work to start toning the body. They perform 45-minute sessions of rope, and then combined with anaerobic routines like squats, crunches and push ups.

For the changes are starting to notice immediately, aerobic routines are required 45 minutes and anaerobic routines of 45 minutes for 4 days a week, and then have a fifth day of free routines. It is important to use the other 2 days a week for the body to recover from the effort that focuses on different areas of the body, specifically the abdomen.

Ideally, attending a gym, as they offer different types of exercises to tone the body and combined with some aerobic, will begin to see results from the first week.

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