Weight Lose Diet of Baby Food

baby foodThe diet of baby food is catching on in America and is the typical food intake for babies like mashed carrots, meat and mashed bananas.

The diet is created by the famous trainer Tracy Anderson to the effect that you can lose weight within days.

It is a very simple idea, replacing high-calorie foods for the cans or jars of baby food. Instead of real food that is chewed, diet replaces one or more meals a day with baby food. There are several variations of the plan, replace all food, one or more meals, or simply as a replacement for high calorie snacks.

Experts say that diet can work if the calories are kept under control, but what comes after what the experts do not believe you can give (to keep the weight you lose with the diet).

The basic diet requires eating 14 jars of baby food all day, with an option to enjoy an adult meal for dinner (but not without going over).

Another option is to have three adult meals while the rest is passed based baby food (or jar).

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