The diet according to your horoscope

horoscopeDieting and business as usual?, You want to learn more about the foods you most agree? Forget the “miracle diets” and try the opinion of the stars, managed to get to know you and know how to take care.

Surely you are tired of hearing that losing weight is not to eat little but eat well, so … no need to repeat! In order to take off those extra kilos that both overwhelm your figure or hot body to show off this summer, your zodiac sign will help you get it, but how?

According to this theory, a person may know how to eat well, what foods are healthy and which to avoid, and how to develop your own diet depending on your horoscope. No more, copy the diet of your neighbor or seek advice from your co-worker. With these tips you have everything you need to balance your body .
First of all, I must say that all people born under the influence of this sign have a strong personality. This gives two possibilities radical and completely opposed to when making a diet : the follow to the letter or you leave it directly.
If you’re Aries and are willing to take it seriously, take note!
The foods that best suit you are red meat and white and all kinds of vegetables . It is also healthy red fruit.
Avoid dairy, sugar and alcoholic (or other stimulant drinks)
Your body needs an extra supply of minerals and iron to replenish energy you need.
Taureans are very likely to be overweight, so it should be especially careful with the amount of food they eat. They must also know the diet that best suits them.
It is recommended that you take many vegetables such as cucumber or tomato, and vegetables, although you can take to eat white meat.
In addition, the lemon will star his food, because you need to eat them in large numbers. Other fruits recommended for this sign are the apple, tangerine and peach.
Cereals and whole grain foods are an ideal way to “kill” hunger between meals.
You should avoid the intake of legumes, like lentils or chickpeas and strong sauces and elaborate desserts.
Unlike the Taurus, the people of this sign are not usually very greedy, so that in many cases, they forget how important a good diet .
All foods that are rich in iron are welcome, as are a fundamental part of your diet .
They are perfect the dishes made with meat, because, although they seem to contain too many calories do you good to your stomach.
Salads tend to infuriate the Gemini but feel free to innovate. Throw in carrot, lemon or nuts, as these three foods are very beneficial for your horoscope.
Avoid chips (stock), the coffee , tea and soft drinks.
They tend to be a “cookers” and spend as much time off the meal is a great temptation, so it is necessary for Cancer to learn a little care.
The vegetables and legumes will support your point: cabbage, lettuce, pumpkin, mushroom and carrots are some examples.
You should take a diet rich in fruits (containing water) and yogurt. Juices also give you the energy boost that you ask the body .
Avoid strong spices, as your stomach is very delicate, creams and alcoholic .
They are pretty demanding as far as food is concerned so if you’re one of them, pay attention!
Your diet should include large doses of garlic and onions , as well as fruits, especially citrus and vegetables. You can also encourage the meat, though, make sure you do not have an iota of fat.
Try using the least amount of salt possible and completely eliminates the coffee and tea. It is also harmful to your system intake of eggs and butter.
Virgos tend to enjoy cooking and eating equally despite having occasional bowel problem, so if you are willing to develop a diet you should know how to make it healthy.
Take advantage of your good metabolism to eat cooked vegetables, potatoes, carrots, green salad, fish, eggs and, of course, fruit.
You should eat foods rich in fiber and whole grains.
Eliminate from your diet the coffee , although you may. Also avoid red meat.
Being somewhat careless about the diet can be very harmful to health, so the Libra usually have the odd little problem of power .
Include in your meals and white meat foods. Do not listen to those who want to remove the bread, you can afford.
You must remove your cooked food diet daily, as well as foods and heavy sauces. Substitute coffee and tea infusions such as chamomile or linden.

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