Losing Weight with Exercise

Losing weightExercise as a first step to lose weight. And is that physical exercise has become something that very few do, mostly because of the work (or search for it) while others because they can not spend money going to a gym or do not feel comfortable. Only a fraction have real problems when you exercise but do well all the same and make your body move.

In fact, selling bracelets that you put on your ankle or wrist that gives you an approximation of the calories you lose as you walk or move. This helps you see results but the truth is that it is the body that gives such notice of change to feel lighter.

At first the exercise has to be smooth. The first day should not exceed 30 minutes, the second 35, third 25, so that the body gets used and you too if you get muscle soreness (you will get if you take too long without exercise).

As a recommendation, after exercise, a relaxing hot bath to relax muscles and massage may venirte well, especially during the first few weeks to get the body gets used to this exercise.

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