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the officeIf you can improve fitness or at least prevent it from getting worse, while working with chair, desk and computer? It is possible! It can eradicate the sedentary nature of the office, if you follow a few simple tips.
It is estimated that a person spends on average three hours a day on the phone in the office. As in many cases one speaks while sitting at the computer, is a static activity in which only spends about 204 calories in total.

If using a wireless headset, you could walk while talking on the phone and burn five times as well. In some cases this simple maneuver, even help to raise labor productivity.

It’s just an example of how a little imagination and the appropriate means can reconcile work and exercise .

In a study commissioned by the company Plantronics headset manufacturer for strategic applications, an employee spends more than two hours a day attending every email and message typically generate between four and six.

Talking on the phone can reduce email traffic and speed up decision making, reducing stress and the accumulation of messages.

When using a wireless headset to talk on the phone, while walking, not only reduces the volume of mail, but it burns about one calorie every 15 or 20 steps, it enjoys greater freedom of movement. The worker can stretch the muscles, a walk, go for a coffee or find a quieter place to talk.

Here are some tips from the experts from Plantronics to achieve or improve physical fitness in the office:

• Stretching the muscles relieves tension in the upper body. When you spend almost all day sitting, the muscles become stiff and lose flexibility, and thus reduces the mobility of the joints. This causes hip problems, weakening of the abdominal muscles, and pain in the neck and the upper and lower back.

• It is easy to stretch in front of the computer: rotate the shoulders, neck stretch, lift your legs and stretch … In addition, stretching help restore vitality, improve concentration and reduce the urge to snack sweet or greasy to smarten up.

• Make a five-minute break every hour to get out of the chair, move and concentrate on breathing from the diaphragm instead of chest , relieves stress and helps to return to work with renewed energy. If, moreover, go outdoors, the release of endorphins uplifting and helps cope with other difficult tasks mood and conversations.

• It is healthier and comforting rather take an infusion of caffeine to get its act together. Peppermint tea appears to activate brain areas that control attention.

• You can take a pair of work shoes and a sports team to go for a jog during the lunch break. You can invite other members to make “footing” or stretching together.

• Organize brainstorming sessions outdoors or walk five minutes before a meeting helps to focus, encourages creativity and reduce stress at work.

• It is useful to know the calories burned by various activities: Speaking one hour sitting (68 calories), about an hour walking (360 calories, according to the rhythm), type in one hour (150 calories), attend a sitting: 102 calories.

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