Get A Flat Stomach And Sexy

 flat stomachThe body more prone to accumulate fat spoiling the silhouette with the unsightly “love”. Despite this fact, it is true that keeping the belly “in line” requires harsh tables abs . A diet healthy and varied, some aerobic activity (walking, cycling, swimming , dancing, etc.) and specific exercises and effective strength to get back the belly ,gently toning muscles abdominal .

It must be emphasized that if you want to get a figure harmonious and without belly, the dreaded crunches are not enough by themselves because they are suitable to work a very specific body area.

To make them more effective (and not limited to specific muscle that area) must be accompanied by an activity that gets you moving around the body . Playing sports such as swimming , fitness training, the club , and tennis, among others, at least three times a week, will make you fit and do not accumulate fat.

If you also think your belly begins to need specific exercises to make it look smooth and toned, you can create your own table of abs bearing in mind the following tips:

1. Have to work all three muscles that shape the abdomen (lower, upper and oblique).

2. Consistency is essential to get results. It is preferable to short sessions of 20 to 30 minutes, one of more than an hour that will leave you exhausted and unwilling to try again.

3. Start exercises gradually. The muscles will gradually adapt to the new activity. Start by making every move 3 to 5 times and as your body responds, the number of repetitions up to 15.

4. Take care that the position is correct when you perform various exercises to avoid injury and achieve maximum effectiveness. When you do crunches lying on her back, lower back should be fully supported on the ground and when to raise the torso, you try not to bend your head, keeping the chin toward the ceiling.

5. Controls breathing. Inhale at the time of relaxation and expires when you’re making the maximum effort.

6. Between exercise and exercise remember to make a move to relax the area.

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