Five steps to change diets behavior

Diet1. Define the behavior you want to change
Decide for yourself that something will change, instead of just have to hope. By properly describe what exactly white change is your goal clear.
For example: you want to stop every day to eat (the changing behavior) and would henceforth only eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’ve had enough (the target)

2. Listen to your inner voices …
Try the real causes of your eating disorder to discover. This is done for example by keeping a diary. When you get a binge, write down what you just evoor thought, felt or did.

Maybe you scared when you’re home alone after work? Is that because you’re restless, lonely, depressed, panierkerig, sad? Is it difficult to know how you feel, ask yourself what happened that day. Have you felt a social klutz? Whatever comes up, write it down. By writing down thoughts, listen to the inner voices that incite you to eat.

3. … give them answer!
Put a big mouth against your negative inner voices, feelings and thoughts. If they punish you by you to do something or feel that you no longer want to do or feel, make them this clearly. If they say you should buy that pack cookies, shout loud ‘no’.
If they say you’re fat and worthless, say with conviction that this is not true.
A short, direct ‘no’ or ‘stop’ also helps.

4. Influenced what you want to change
Imagine the new situation with the new me and the new practice on. Breathe deeply to relax, close your eyes and imagine that you come home after work. You feel alone and hear your inner voices: they want you to eat a cookie or a hamburger to the loneliness. Give them answers. Tell them that you will no longer follow their orders. Or imagine what the alternatives to food: call a friend, read a book ….

5. Love yourself
Appreciate yourself, instead of doing what the voices tell you to self-destructive. Speak lovingly to yourself instead of judgmental. Take a walk instead of a cookie to intervene. Stop eating when your body makes it clear that enough is enough. Relax with meditation instead of another piece of cake to take. In short, enjoy your company, instead of eating to escape.

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