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vitamin CThe winter season should incorporate the nutrients , vitamins and minerals that our body needs to increase the defenses and keep them in optimum levels to withstand exposure to germs, enclosed spaces with poor ventilation, sudden temperature changes, work stress … Thus, the main thing is to provide an adequate amount of vitamin C in our diet with fruits and vegetables in season to get that in addition to strengthening our immune system, depuraremos our bodies and help us regain figure after the excesses of Christmas. Notes!
Tangerines and kiwis
The delicious tangerines give us as much vitamin C as oranges, but with a lower caloric value.

In the case of kiwi, twice the vitamin C, something is considered the “King of Vitamin C”. This makes the tangerine and kiwi fruits are best for diets to lose weight, because they meet the dual advantage of high intake of vitamins and minerals, low in calories. In addition, tangerine improved fat metabolism of deposit, promoting weight loss.
They have a high content of vitamin C, but beware if you suffer from gastric irritation, hiatal hernia or gallbladder problems.
With great contribution of vitamin C, is ideal for seasoning many dishes. Feel free to substitute vinegar in your salads for a splash of lemon. However, moderate your intake if you suffer from constipation , as it has a powerful astringent.
This fruit is not only interesting for its supply of vitamin C, but by their effect depurative, diuretic and detoxifying. Thus, besides increasing defense system, is also a help in weight loss and dietary excesses compensate.

With twice the vitamin C than oranges and more potassium than a banana, not only helps to increase immunity, but also to recover the body of potassium loss, avoiding the annoying cramps. Its diuretic and laxative effect makes it a perfect fruit diets and weight loss in cases of constipation .
It is a food star in this time of year, not only for his contribution to vitamin C, but because it contains “bromelain”, an enzyme that confers a cleaning effect, diuretic and slimming. Moreover, its richness in fiber promotes bowel movements .
It provides generous amounts of vitamin C with very few calories . Its diuretic and laxative is helpful in diets cleansing which also need to regulate bowel function.

In addition, some vegetables in season are especially rich in vitamin C:
It has a high content of vitamins and minerals not only boost the immune system, but which give it antioxidant properties. Furthermore it is known its potent diuretic effect, making it ideal for preventing fluid retention . Of course, pear avoid loss of vitamin C should consume it raw. Try it in your salads !
Green and red, provide much more vitamin C than oranges or kiwi, provided they are consumed raw, since heat destroys vitamin C. They possess a strong antioxidant effect through its contribution of vitamin E.
Rich in vitamin A and C and minerals, infinitesimal and lycopene, strengthens the immune system and acts as a potent antioxidant.

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