A balanced Diet and some Tips

Diet and some TipsA healthy person and without metabolic problems is not difficult to lose a few kilos. This not only have to watch what you eat but do it properly, so your body feels in good shape and you do not spend a hunger unnecessary.

The way we distribute food throughout the day is very important. Skipping meals is a mistake that will not make your goal easier and it will be counterproductive. It is recommended five meals a day:

 A breakfast that will give you the energy to face the day and includes at least one piece of fruit, skim milk, bread or grains .
 A mid-morning snack to keep the lunch becomes a feast. A fruit, fresh juice, a tea accompanied by some cookies or bars integral …
 A balanced meal. Stews, salads , lean meats, fish, pasta or brown rice …
 A snack with options similar to breakfast.
 A very light dinner with similar proposals to noon and giving preference to the fish dishes.
Besides water intake will be critical in recent weeks. We recommend an average of two liters a day. Not only will keep you properly hydrated but will help to eliminate liquids (seems contradictory but it is not) and get rid of toxins and fats.

Finally, try to be more active not only ingieras fewer calories but also “burn” more. A little exercise, a brisk walk and quit for a month, the elevators will you get those perfect days both expect.

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