Weight lose for burn fat in 7 days

Burn fatBurn fat in 7 days weight lose diets that allow you to lose weight within days. In particular they want to tell you will lose weight in a week, 7 days, with a score of 3 kilos less. Of course, you have to take care of very well the next few weeks and not abuse because, otherwise, the diet can become a yo-yo diet.

The diet is based on food intake that do not add much light to the body, just enough to keep in shape but in order to burn what they already have.

For example, as we have a breakfast tea.  With a grain toast (no butter lot of throw, the better the oil) and 100 grams of watermelon or cantaloupe being two fruits that have lots of water.

The diet follows us with mid-morning (although some people would jump). At that time you take a hard boiled egg and a glass of skim milk.

For lunch you can enjoy light broth (can be turkey stock but only a cup of soup, no soup with meat), then some chicken or grilled fish. As an accompaniment can take a boiled potato (cooked) and 2 orange or 2 tangerines.

For snacks you can repeat the same thing for breakfast or grab a yogurt. It is important not to skip it so that the stomach is not empty for hours. Besides, that only you can make the dinner cravings take over and you feel bad engordarte well.

Speaking of dinner, besides the soup broth that you can take, the best are cooked or boiled potatoes and sweet potatoes safe. You can also take fruit but bananas and grapes because they have many calories.

This sure you get to lose weight quickly but do not expect a miracle, you lose about 3 kilos maximum.

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