Weight lose diet for pregnant women

Diet for Pregnant WomenWeight Lose Diet for Pregnant Women need extra energy for the proper growth of the fetus and its full development. That’s why the diet for pregnant women provided at this stage of women all the nutrients that she and the baby need to stay healthy during this period.

Most women spend the first three months of pregnancy with digestive problems they will do a little hard to eat well. It is well known that some women feel nauseated during this period, which prevents them from eating properly.

From the fourth month is when the baby begins to grow rapidly and is starting this month that needs to ingest large quantities of nutrients actually start to the mother. During the first quarter, the mother only needs to increase your daily diet to 150 calories. per day in the second and third quarters this amount increases to 350 Kcal. per day.

The diet should follow a pregnant woman should be balanced ie contain all the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body, especially eating a lot of milk, meat, vegetables and fruits. However, in the last month of pregnancy is strongly recommended to reduce the consumption of flour and its derivatives, like sugars and fats.

A pregnant woman should eat five times a day in small amounts and avoid long periods of fasting, as this will help a lot to digest because as the months pass the uterus presses and moves over the stomach, making digestion heavier. Drink at least two liters of water a day and decrease the amount of salt in foods also benefit greatly. The reduction of salt in the diet will not hold much fluid and drinking too much water will easily delete it and with it all the toxins from the body.

When you are pregnant, food to be followed need not necessarily increase the quantity but rather quality. A diet richer in fruits, vegetables, meat and milk and less consumption of fried and processed foods. This is the secret of a good diet during pregnancy. If you continue in this way, you will not need vitamin supplements intake during this period, since all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals obtained directly from ingested food.

Smoking is proven to be very harmful to health and snuff consumption during pregnancy is very harmful to the child’s health. If the mother is a smoker is encouraged to try to quit smoking before getting pregnant.

The diet for pregnant women is a diet that contains all the nutrients the body during pregnancy, needs to function and provide the fetus of all key components for good growth. It is vital that the mother eats well so that the baby is born healthy and with good weight.

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