Weight Lose Diet for Kids

Diet for KidsWeight lose diet for kids, fed according to their age. The diet for children depend heavily on this factor. From birth to four months of life, babies only need breast milk feeding, as this contains all the nutrients they need in this time period.

If this will be, the baby’s feeding method should be performed eight to twelve times a day, or every two to four hours. After four months of age the child can reduce the dose to four or six a day, increasing the amount of milk at each feeding.

Weight Lose Diet for Kids

If for some reason the baby needs to be fed with formula, then you need to drink about six to eight bottles a day. At the start will be from two to five ounces per bottle and, like if you were fed breast milk, the frequencies decrease but increase the quantities of milk at each feeding up to about eight ounces per bottle.

From the fourth month to six months, the baby should consume approximately 45 ounces of milk a day and be ready to start eating solid foods. What will indicate if your baby is ready for this transition will be a number of features to be observed in its development, as if her weight has doubled in relation to birth weight, if the child is able to control his head and neck or you can sit with support or begins to show interest in food when others eat.

Weight Lose Diet for Kids

The main food that starts with this transition are the cereal mixed with milk, preparing them so they have a thick consistency.

From six months to eight months should continue feeding the baby with formula milk or breast about five times a day and include fruit juices and stewed vegetables. We recommend introducing a kind of sauce at a time and wait a few days to see if it causes some kind of allergic reaction. Also at this stage may include the use of small crackers or toast.

When the child is eight to twelve months, breast milk or formula should be provided four times a day, since at this stage the child is ready to eat meats, which complements its nutrition.

Weight Lose Diet for Kids

When the child reaches one year, the formula or breast milk can be replaced by whole milk to supply the calories needed for growth and development. At this age the child already receiving the highest percentage of nutrients from vegetables, fruits, cereals and dairy products. All this growth and ensure that development takes place normally and healthy.

Older children in childhood and adolescence require their diet includes foods that contribute to its development. That is, a diet low in fat to avoid obesity and rich in nutrients like vitamins, proteins and minerals. The diet for children should contain all these elements and so the kids grow up healthy and strong.

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