Weight lose diet for hemorrhoids

Diet Hemorrhoids are a common condition that many suffer in silence. This condition appears Porl not eat a balanced diet rich in fiber. Although hemorrhoids can affect anyone, people of middle and upper classes are more likely to develop due to the high consumption of junk food.
There are medical treatments for cases of pain, itching and bleeding, but in preventing hemorrhoids and prevent them from getting worse, diet plays a major role.
People with hemorrhoids should follow a diet rich in fiber and enough water to allow them to evacuate normally, keeping constipation at bay.
The recommended fiber intake for a healthy person is between 20 and 35 grams per day, more than this amount can also be counterproductive.

What foods should include a diet for hemorrhoids?
Although there are many foods that contain fiber, the most recommended for people with this condition are:
• integral type cereals: rice, corn, oats, rye, millet, wheat, etc..
• Legumes: Lentils, beans, soybeans, peas, chickpeas, beans, etc..
• Fruits: apple, fig, strawberry, banana, pear, orange, etc..
• Vegetables: Carrots, spinach, potatoes, artichokes, etc..
• Liquids: at least two liters a day.
What foods should be avoided?
• Foods high in salt,
• Some species such as pepper,
• Hot,
• Coffee, alcohol.
Fiber supplements
There are also fiber supplements to help treat hemorrhoids them. Among the most effective include:
• Wheat bran: it is an insoluble fiber that increases the speed of transit of stool in the intestine. Is added to juices, smoothies, yogurt and cereals. The recommended intake is 30 grams. More than this can cause intestinal pain and flatulence.
• Oat bran: a water soluble fiber, increases the size and weight of the faces through water retention. Help a child and avoid straining the pain of hemorrhoids. Its use and daily ration is equal to that of wheat bran.
Although, fiber supplements help improve hemorrhoids should not replace a diet rich in fiber, as the largest source of fiber should come from foods that have a normal intestinal transit.

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