Tips for a good body for the summer

summerA new stage, a stage we have no choice but to comply with it each year, known as Operation Bikini. To begin this stage, we will make an entry generic on the good habits we have been discussing over the short life and we would like them to return to remember to not let anything behind. So we started and we stop chatter.

Before you start going to the gym we recommend that conformed to good habits of healthy eating to later have a good diet .

We can distinguish two types of diets: the energy and the light or light. Each depends on your physical goals, for example you’re profiling or have a more slender muscular recommend the diet as this light does not get fat more and consume the fat that have accumulated in your body. To follow a diet recommended light:-

Having a diet varied, low fat or fat .
Eating the carbs before dinner. This will get your body does not synthesize fats and to consume the energy produced by carbohydrates throughout the afternoon.
Do not eat too much bread in the supermarket and buy bread, this bread brings less saturated fat percentage.
Drink at least two liters of water a day.
Make exercise aerobic, soft and steady. This will create remove all the fat you have in the body, until the balance of 15% of localized fat.

On the other hand if you are looking to get stronger is better energy, as you know you have to eat all kinds of carbohydrates and increase protein intake substantially to achieve results in conjunction with the gym.

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