The Best Time for Exercise

 loss exercise,Weight lossDown those extra kilos will not happen if you cheat and wait for a miracle. If you really want to lose weight, you must work and strive.

But did you know that there is a certain time of day that the burning of fat and muscle power becomes more effective?

Exercise in the morning

A common belief of many is to work in the morning, where it is easier to reactivate the metabolism of your heating and thus the rest of the day’s activities. They also say it is good practice exercise before meals, because virtually no carbohydrate intake and burning fatter end.

But it is a totally wrong on exercising without eating. No power available, it will not be able to maximize your workout and feel with less energy, which is not going to be very efficient. But the exercise in the morning can also have their own side of history, research shows that those who exercise in the morning tend to be more consistent in their exercise routines than those who do it in evening hours. Also, people who exercise in the morning is likely to be energized all day and have a greater mental acuity.

Exercise at night

Different weightlifters and several fitness professionals, looking for the best quality of training, say that the practice of sport at night is optimal because our bodies are well equipped to burn more calories. Above all, starting at 6 pm, say it is the best time to exercise to lose weight. Our body is more alert, body temperature is at its peak, and the muscles are warm and strong, all help to optimal performance and thus better burning extra calories.

Unfortunately, exercise and insomnia should not mix. While exercising at night is much more effective to burn fat, it will not help those who have trouble sleeping. Most studies say that exercise will help in achieving better sleep, but sports before going to bed just keep our vital signs and have difficulty sleeping. The body needs time to adjust to the dormant so it will take you to fall asleep late at night.

Either way, practice exercise whenever you feel comfortable doing so. When practiced consistently, any exercise is better than none. The most important thing is to work regularly, the end of the day; time of day does not matter much.

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