Start With Your Exercise Plan!

Exercise PlanStart with your exercise plan getting a membership at a gym, a study of Pilates or Yoga or Meditation Center. a pedestrian boulevard or a community center. Maybe you own a treadmill or maybe it’s time to use that bike that has years in the garage … The question is deciding to start!

I love the gym only for women where I train, the classes are designed especially for women and the instructors are great, but the best part is that I am able to relate to other women. We all have the same lifestyle, housewives with children, and all that that implies …

Go to a gym for women makes everyone feel more comfortable, not worry about prying male eyes! This gives us more freedom to do our routines. The energy is intense, as we support each other in our journey to lose weight quickly and is easier and more enjoyable.

We are able to explore new exercises with our bodies we would never do in a mixed gym.

Every morning is an exciting day, I can not wait to get there and see what Larry and have planned for the day. It’s always something new and challenging and the music is great. Everyone is waiting to see who has come to start making phone calls and bring the gym who woke up lazily. There are no excuses!

We as a team always welcoming to new, and we share all our secrets to being thin, and what our diet pills, creams special scarification help us when we exercise … oops, smells like ha ha! Always talking about food … healthy recipes, meal planning for the week and the latest deals in stores or online.

I also like doing other activities such as walking in the park near home, where I’m two days a week with my friend, who can not afford the gym. It’s fun, let the circle of Adventure, a hike of 6 miles, a great workout. There we see many people jogging, skating, biking, pushing their baby strollers and walking their dogs.

Once a month, Saturday practice boot camp-military training on the beach. Two hours of intense exercise, is open to the public and is paid per session, without membership or a contract to participate. It only requires a good attitude and gallons of water, because it is very hot! We run into the sand, climb, train, and only use the very strength of our bodies, as a real military training fun!

Some of these activities and my daily routine, are examples of how you can design your own exercise plan for success in your new life!

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