Simple secrets to lose weight

lose weightMilk instead of cream in your coffee. Do I save? 50 calories per cup for lose weight.
Forget the butter on your baked potato. Do I save? 100 calories for lose weight.
Drink fruit-flavored water instead of a 16-ounce soda for lose weight

Do I save? 200 calories
Coffee with cream
Skip the Big Mac and make a salad instead. A Big Mac weighs a whopping 460 calories. A fresh salad with light dressing, less than 100! Do I save? 360 calories
Skip the bag of chips. A bag of snack chips are average size of 300 calories. Do I save? 300 calories

Eat the corn plant. A 1 cup serving of canned corn has 165 calories. An ear of corn has 85. Do I save? 80 calories.

You have too loved French fries and can not give them up. Exchanged for thin chips for thick cuts. Think French fries absorb more oil when thicker. Do I save? 50 calories per 4 ounce serving

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