Quick Weight Lose Diet

Quick Weight LoseQuick Weight Lose Diet will you reduce one or two kilos the day you need it.┬áIt is common for inflamed or you have increased a little weight in the last days, so here are the solution to the dress she’ll wear at the party will stay or to go to the beach feeling safe and comfortable with your appearance.

Be warned that this diet is totally contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes. Moreover, as important always remember that because of the physiological individual, we recommend that before making a diet consult your doctor or a nutritionist.

1 or 2 cups of weak tea with a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of liquid honey.
1 juice or fresh fruit juice.
Mid Morning:
1 natural yoghurt.
1 vegetable stock, or fruit salad or tomato juice.
1 green salad dressed with yogurt and lemon.
1 yogurt.
Weak tea with a slice of puma and a teaspoon of liquid honey.
Media Today:
1 juice or vegetable juice.
1 cup of broth.
1 steamed vegetables to taste.
1 green salad.
1 cup of tea with a lemon rdaja and a teaspoon of honey.
Before going to bed:
1 fruit or plain yogurt

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