How to Shape your Buttocks

shape your buttocksA girl and boy surely you’ll notice this Article. One of the parts that tend to look more popular sovereignty both the former are the buttocks, back or ass for that and if we feel a bit more attractive, I’ll give some tips to mold and be a little more aesthetic .
By this time of year, it is very likely that you are subscribed to a gym and thereby opens up a world of infinite possibilities to shape your butt, comes the most interesting and complete is the GAP.

GAP is a class similar to which are organized with aerobics but in which mainly covers the gluten muscles, abdominal and legs. Although not really necessary to be in a gym to GAP, because we could practice at home, simply because you’re paying a monthly fee, will help your motivation .

It is very important that during the exercises do not force too much back muscles, as these can lead to something greater.


Standing, will place one leg forward and one behind. We will fully back straight and then back hip flexing both legs and keeping your torso straight. Add exhale and repeat for 15 times on each side.

Squat with Kick

Standing with legs apart and more or less the width of our shoulders, legs and down flex the hip to let your thighs parallel to the ground. We will try to keep your back as straight as possible. When we return to the starting position, we will kick forward as karate and immediately return to do another squat. This exercise is good do not stop so often and get a good pump and you’ll notice how our buttock muscles become tighter than normal. It will make for 5 to 10 minutes depending on our strength.

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