How Can I Lose Weight

Lose WeightLosing weight? What happens to us that we are never satisfied with what they weigh or how we look? This constant search for the perfect silhouette and shape us to find a thousand ways to reduce our weight and look at the numbers of balance which ideally should appear here!

We see fashion shows, the Hollywood stars and other famous women that look sleek and spectacular, and we want to look like. Gradually over time, fashion and film we have created standards of beauty to which all women aspire to reach. These standards are mainly based on the thinness of the female body and slim silhouette, to which is doing well any dress or clothing worn over it.

But this obsession with weight loss has also led many girls to serious problems such as anorexia and bulimia. The desire to see us fixing thin and make this goal often lose perspective and put at risk our health and even our lives.

Young people are not aware that not eating is not the answer to losing weight and do not take into account that the body needs nutrients to function as a car needs gasoline to go. If we do not provide the body the nutrients it requires, gradually working poor anger until one day collapses and stops.

Anorexia is a disease that mostly affects women, although men can also suffer. It usually begins when at the age of adolescence, when girls (or boys) are aware of their physical appearance and how they look. Some signs that we can sound the alarm that a person has anorexia are:

Keeping your weight by 15 percent less than it should have for the stature of the person

Weight loss due to the complete and absolute exclusion of foods that may fatten and excessive exercise. Use of laxatives and diuretics and induce vomiting to return the food ingested.
Extreme fear of gaining weight with alarming concerns about body appearance

Disappearance of interest in maintaining a social life, hanging out with friends or attend meetings.

Constant tiredness, feeling cold, constipation and stomach pains are some of the symptoms that the person suffers from deprivation of nutrients that your body undergoes.

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