Weight lose for burn fat in 7 days

Burn fatBurn fat in 7 days weight lose diets that allow you to lose weight within days. In particular they want to tell you will lose weight in a week, 7 days, with a score of 3 kilos less. Of course, you have to take care of very well the next few weeks and not abuse because, otherwise, the diet can become a yo-yo diet.

The diet is based on food intake that do not add much light to the body, just enough to keep in shape but in order to burn what they already have.

For example, as we have a breakfast tea.  With a grain toast (no butter lot of throw, the better the oil) and 100 grams of watermelon or cantaloupe being two fruits that have lots of water.
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Tips for Motivating Weight Loss

Weight LossA good motivation to take off the back of the sofa can be a complicated matter. Especially in this time of year is always easy to find the perfect excuse for both snuggle on the couch in front of the telly like to party, try all the cocktails of the happy-hours to leave the city or buying with friends … But to decide to lose weight is never an ideal time. You know what? Do not wait for New Year’s resolutions, you can start right now. Here are some tips that will increase your motivation to lose weight:
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Diet for Weight Lose

Weight LoseWeight lose diets to follow to lose weight, some good, some not so good, some yoyo effects, and others, with a little luck, you manage to lose weight and keep it off later.

The many diets out there, one known for the famous Atkins diet is a diet created in 1972 by Robert Atkins and which some people have used to lose weight quickly (but not say anything if it becomes to recover once it has left the diet).

This diet is only feasible to do for 30 days and always under strict control of a physician. Diet is dangerous for the body because it does is replace carbohydrates by proteins. In particular, the diet is based on protein intake for the body to convert them into energy (which converts to carbohydrates when consumed) once they are no longer in the body.
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Start With Your Exercise Plan!

Exercise PlanStart with your exercise plan getting a membership at a gym, a study of Pilates or Yoga or Meditation Center. a pedestrian boulevard or a community center. Maybe you own a treadmill or maybe it’s time to use that bike that has years in the garage … The question is deciding to start!

I love the gym only for women where I train, the classes are designed especially for women and the instructors are great, but the best part is that I am able to relate to other women. We all have the same lifestyle, housewives with children, and all that that implies …
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Smiling help you with your weight loss

weight lossSmiling help you with your weight loss the importance of smiling. The first thing I do is smile when you wake up. I learned that no matter the situation that is happening in my life as long as I wake up, we’re fine.

I make sure to put on my best smile when I wake up because it’s the first thing my husband and daughter are. I know to see me happy, subconsciously they feel happy too.

While we managed to work and school, while I make breakfast and out, smiling continued to be the ultimate expression you see on my face before leaving.
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How to pick a good weight lose diet?

 dietHow to pick a good diet? It is a difficult because there are few effective diets. Many rely on you to lose fluids and not fat, stop eating other things important to the body and weaken you. You must make a balanced diet, a balanced diet.

A good diet should include a little of everything, based on monitoring of the potions, time and ingredients. Diets are only salad, or only consist of one or two meals per day, NOT helpful, you should eat many times a day but smaller portions.
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Weight lose exercise for abdominal muscles

abdominal musclesWeight lose exercise for abdominal muscles first lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
Cross right leg over your left leg so your right ankle is resting on his left knee.
Place the fingertips to the side of his head, just behind the ears.
Tighten your abdominal muscles
Slowly turn the torso and touch your left elbow to right knee.
Exhale when you lift
Slowly lower the initial position
Inhale as you lower
Repeat for the desired number of reps and switch legs and repeat the same number of push-ups with the other leg.

Weight lose traditional abdominal exercises

weight lose exercisesTraditional abdominal exercises lie on your back, bend your knees, placing hands on the sides of his head.
Contract your abdominal muscles and flatten your lower back against the floor.
Slowly lift your shoulders an inch or two above the floor.
Exhale as you lift, keep the neck straight and chin up.
Hold for a few seconds (do not hold your breath).
Lower slowly, keeping your abs tight.
Repeat up to 20 representatives of this perfect form for each repetition.
To make it more difficult, use an exercise ball.

Weight lose exercise of the bridge

exerciseExercise is a very good for weight lose, but is not well known. Lie on your back with your hands at your sides, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Make sure your feet are below the knees.
Tighten your abs and buttocks. Lift your hips up to create a straight line from knees to shoulders. Express your base and try to pull your navel back toward your spine.
Slowly raise and extend one leg, keeping the pelvis elevated and level. If your hips fall let loose, place the leg understood on the ground and make a bridge with both legs until they become stronger. remember to switch legs and do the same movement and amount of stretching and lifting with both legs.
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Diet to lose weight without starving

diet to lose weightDiet to lose weight without starving need not go to a nutritionist to lose weight and start taking care of your body, enough to know what foods should and should not eat in your diet to lose weight quickly.

The following foods are those that can help you remove fat from your belly and your whole body, maintaining a high level of energy to improve your performance at work, your family, sports, the options are many.

As I said before you have a large variety of options in the list of healthy foods, in addition you can combine in many ways, so you are eating foods that stimulate your metabolism to burn fat better while improving your health.
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