Special Weights and women

Diet TipsCurrently more and more women choose to use weights and bodybuilding routines to improve their bodies and sculpt your curves.

Unfortunately many women still think that doing weight training or hypertrophy means giving grow muscularly masculine appearance. Nothing is further from reality, the weights have become a new ally for the woman who wants to look toned, feminine, healthy and also lose weight.

 The fear that some women suffer acquire look “mannish” if they train with weights without foundation. Even men should work hard for months to produce a noticeable change in your muscles. Continue reading “Special Weights and women”

Why do weights to lose weight!

Say the words lifting weights and many think of bodybuilders and big muscles. This is a big myth. Weight training is an integral part of overall health, physical improvements, muscle toning and fat burning.

No you will become huge as a bull by lifting weights, that’s for sure. Not unless excess calories comma (and usually a high caloric excess and for a sufficiently long period of time). To this we must add that many bodybuilders use all kinds of steroids, supplements and pills. Even women bodybuilders consume untold amounts of male hormones. Therefore, it is unlikely that you become huge with typical weight training. Continue reading “Why do weights to lose weight!”

How many types of force exist?

Surely you ever wondered if you have stronger awareness training abs. Well, first of all we must distinguish three kinds of power:

Maximum force
As the name suggests, this is the greatest force that the body is able to exercise against resistance. Training with heavy weights and low repetitions. Continue reading “How many types of force exist?”