Lose weight enjoy food

 enjoy foodNotwithstanding multiple attempts by some nutritionists for creation us swallow kilos of cooked beets, there is an alternative path.

That way we will make easy much easier, since the willingness to continue, will be much greater than if we walk roughly with a cooked chicken breasts.

In short, it is vary the quantities of food, increasing the number of them throughout the day, approximately every two hours.

What we get from time to time eating and often is that our body does not have to start every 5 or 6 hours, but always active, using fat as fuel. Continue reading “Lose weight enjoy food”

Two attitude about losing weight distorted

lose weightHave you killed abdominal crunches ever? How many of us have believed them belly would vanish and our best times?

But that’s just one of the beliefs, others have thought that completely ignoring exercise and stop eating would get the body you always dreamed of and that would only make them lose weightContinue reading “Two attitude about losing weight distorted”

Weight loss plan tips

Weight loss planEach body has a particular operation, which also affects the way in which assimilates food and uses energy. As each person has specific metabolic characteristics, slimming plans should be customized to fit the specific needs of each individual.

The main error of many weight loss programs in the short and long term do not provide the expected results, is that give general guidelines rather than treating each case individually. Continue reading “Weight loss plan tips”