A Good Figure Comes from Hard Work!

weight lossWith the rise of Korean style, the Korean stars in front of the screen are all slender, and their slender legs are very enviable, but what kind of life should you maintain if you want to have a perfect figure like a Korean actress?

Choi Jung-min, the younger sister of Korean actress Choi Jung-won, has published the book Eat Like a Korean Actress by closely observing her sister’s and other well-known artists’ eating habits to manage their body over the years, and her professional background as a nutritional cook. Continue reading “A Good Figure Comes from Hard Work!”

Eating Bananas can Help you Lose Weight?

exerciseMany people are asking: What can I eat to help lose weight? Among them, bananas are often named. Bananas are happy foods. They are rich in serum hormones, which help to promote metabolism, and can also increase satiety and support Suppress obesity.

However, some people think that the high sugar and calorie content of bananas is not conducive to weight loss. Should people who lose weight eat bananas? Continue reading “Eating Bananas can Help you Lose Weight?”

Processing Chicken Breast for Lose Weight

dietHow do you cook chicken breasts, dry wood and tasteless? 4 steps to handle correctly, easy to serve delicious chicken breast dishes. In addition to explaining and explaining why chicken breasts are so important in the minds of those who lose weight and lose weight. Continue reading “Processing Chicken Breast for Lose Weight”

5 Quick and Small Ways to Make Weight Loss Easier

burn fat caloriesEvery time a weight loss plan fails, do you seriously consider whether the plan is too strict? Instead of forcing yourself to eat what you shouldn’t eat and do exercise several times a week, it’s better to plan a weight loss day off every day.

For example, if you are implementing a sugar-reduced diet, you can choose to suspend your low-carb plan for one day. Continue reading “5 Quick and Small Ways to Make Weight Loss Easier”

10 basic Tips to lose weight eating

Weight loseWeight lose without giving up the pleasure of eating only you know how to do … Notes!The word diet is often synonymous with effort, the dreaded “yo-yo”, boredom, anxiety and, above all, of hunger !

Given the desire to lose weight and lose weight the most important thing is, no doubt, be willing to do without sacrificing health. Must also be taken into account ten tips basic, simple and effective we recommend you paste in your fridge so that each day when you see them, put them in practice. Want to know what they are? Notes and do not skip any!
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Lose weight before the holidays

dietGood weather change our clothes and bathing suit becomes a major challenge. It is not implementing a railway diet, simply by choosing a proper diet and a little extra exercise can get rid of those couple of kilos you do not like and without which you will feel much better when stepping on the beach.

No products “miracle” or Spartan menu may endanger your health. In four to six weeks any attempt to lose more than five to eight kilos is quite unrealistic and can become foolhardy if not done under proper medical supervision.
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Healthy Eating for diets

dietsYou have at hand a number of foods that are your allies when it comes to losing weight without trying to become a “torture.” Before shopping, make a list of the healthiest and those you love. Among them are a must:-

Fruits and vegetables. Are at their best. Are satiating and contain fiber, vitamins and minerals. Try to choose those that have fewer calories (calorie) such as watermelon, berries, citrus, papaya and pear. The cucumber, tomato and carrot should be the basic ingredients of your salad
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The water and exercise, the best allies forever.

exerciseWe know how important it is water in our life to hydrate, soothe our thirst and yes … also to control our weight. Take note! As everyone knows, the ideal is to drink 2 liters of water a day but …

Did you know that drinking just before each meal we sat at the table with less hungry? It is therefore advisable to drink two glasses of water just before eating, and start filling our stomach before eating and we’ll get a feeling of fullness sooner.
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The history of this great red vegetable

vegetableThe plant tomato was known in Europe after Hernan Cortes brought back from Mexico, the Aztecs as a gift for the king of Spain. A Muslim took it from Spain to Italy later, and that’s how, little by little, its cultivation spread to Europe … although, as plant ornamental, not as food.

Because of its intense color red , everyone thought their poisonous fruit until the late nineteenth century caused a famine in the absence of food, people began to use it … and so came the tomato in the kitchen .

Essential to always be aware of your weight.

weight.In summer , when we vacation , we more than usual to be safer than eating and snacking between meals becomes almost normal ice cream, fried fish, paella, the food at the snack bar, dinner with the gang support …

The people around us is essential to keep our weight but so is having a personalized daily monitoring of a professional to answer all your questions and help you at all times to maintain your weight because the correct orientation and monitoring are critical to the success of your weight loss project.