Tips for a good body for the summer

summerA new stage, a stage we have no choice but to comply with it each year, known as Operation Bikini. To begin this stage, we will make an entry generic on the good habits we have been discussing over the short life and we would like them to return to remember to not let anything behind. So we started and we stop chatter.

Before you start going to the gym we recommend that conformed to good habits of healthy eating to later have a good diet .

We can distinguish two types of diets: the energy and the light or light. Each depends on your physical goals, for example you’re profiling or have a more slender muscular recommend the diet as this light does not get fat more and consume the fat that have accumulated in your body. To follow a diet recommended light:- Continue reading “Tips for a good body for the summer”

Who should eat 1800 calories?

eat 1800 caloriesIn our society driven by the loss of weight, some people have become hyper-aware of the amount of calories you eat. The problem is that diet too often reduced their calories because they want to lose weight fast results.

According to Cynthia Sass, RD, coauthor of the diet is driving me crazy, cutting more than 500 calories a day from your diet at once can slow your metabolism. That is bad enough, but she still says that the reduction of such extreme intake of calories can sabotage your efforts to lose weight by activating forward. Continue reading “Who should eat 1800 calories?”

A 1800 calorie diet

calorie dietDiet of 1800 calories. If you need a 1800 calorie diet take a look at five diet samples below. Each diet was used for a single day, five days repeated every diet to try to limit the possible nutritional deficiencies. To maintain low in calories, the water formed by the majority of fluid intake, but still allows up to five cups of tea or coffee using sweeteners and skimmed milk. 1800 calorie diet if you follow a diet of 1800 calories you should stick to your normal food choices because there is less chance that dietary deficiencies.

Dietary changes should be taken at your own risk and these diets are for demonstration purposes only. If you decide to follow a 1800 calorie diet or diet samples in this website you must apply for approval of a dietitian in advance. 1800 calorie diet plans you can use to lose weight and / or muscle gain depending on your weight and height. Continue reading “A 1800 calorie diet”