Top products for healthy skin

dietClean, glowing skin – a sign of the health of the body. Find out what foods to lean to look good.

Find out what foods to eat to be healthy skin

Nutrition affects our weight and on our health and skin. Find out which products should be added to their diet, so the skin was clean and radiant.


Top 5 products for healthy skin: Tomatoes

Tomatoes and tomato-based foods natural tomato sauce, tomato juice helps to fight acne. Furthermore, leucopenia is contained in tomato can help protect the skin from UV rays.

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How to improve metabolism

dietEgg proteins are rich in amino acids which increase your metabolism. In addition, eggs contain protein and vitamin D, so be sure to include them in your menu.

Lean meat is rich in iron, lack of which can slow down your metabolism. So regularly lean on lean meats and foods containing iron.


If your body is dehydrated, your metabolism may slow down. Experts recommend drinking cool water, causing the body to use more calories to keep warm.

Chili pepper

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lose weight gained during pregnancy

fatIs it possible to breastfeeding woman to sit on any diet and how to lose the weight gained due to pregnancy?

Nursing women can not adhere to strict diets, especially without expert advice. To control your weight and not gain extra pounds without harming the health of the baby, it is better to observe the principles of good nutrition:

Eat food 3 times a day, excluded from the diet white bread and buns, replacing them with whole wheat bread, whole-wheat bread and various cereals.

Do not include in your diet sweets and potatoes but it can be added to the soup.

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Myths and Truths about diets

dietCuriously, few nutritionists themselves seriously lose weight. A pity, because it is to them, a practice that wants to come up and ask a question about how to lose weight without harm to health. We managed to find a nutritionist, emaciated on his own system of 36 kg for 5 months, Mila Gritsenko.

Mila personal experience

in 12 years of weight Mila was 64-69 kg, and 19 years in the postpartum period – 82 kg with height 155 cm. A huge number of ways to lose weight: mono-diet, fasting, vacuum massage, pills, slimming teas – failed the desired result. Especially, in the postpartum period there was danger and harm the baby at all, if you start to use of drugs for weight loss.

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Aerobic exercise

dietIf you set a goal to lose weight without aerobics can not do. However, not all types of cardio are equally good. Choose the best aerobics!

Left for later! When do cardio? Science has found that aerobic session, arranged immediately after weight training burns fat better. And, for the first 15 minutes of the rate of fat burning cardio is the maximum. This means that during this period the intensity aerobics to be prohibitive. In this case, the fat loss will be particularly significant. Effect of aerobics, strength training undertaken before, was minimal.

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What to drink

dietLack of water slows down the fat burning. However, not all drinks will go to benefit the cause.

Drink green tea

Green tea, unlike black, contains more specific compounds. They effectively block those enzymes that prevent fat burning. For this reason, the green tea extracts part of all modern additives fat loss. In extracts fat-burning is not an example of the compounds is greater than green tea cup. However, green tea is much more useful than plain water. Take it to the gym chilled.

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10 tricks to help move weight

dietI follow all the rules of Dukan Diet, but not losing weight! Familiar phrase, is not it? Even if you think that eating right and exercise, you think you’re missing something, is not enough of magical piece of the puzzle that will make those extra pounds melt. Alas, the magic does not happen. However, there are several reasons why your efforts are futile.

1. Not enough protein. As you know, the protein – a building material for muscles. The body uses a lot of energy to break down and digest it. Adhering to high-protein diet, you increase your metabolism because the body has to work overtime to break down protein. Moreover, a protein – amino acids is necessary for building and muscle repair. So make sure you eat enough protein, especially protein and vegetable days.

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How to quickly get rid of excess weight

dietHow to quickly get rid of excess weight – The eternal question overweight. One answer: Slowly but surely. So, in the fight against excess weight will help us: 9 Strategies guaranteed weight loss.

Although there are many different diets, but modest goals and a slow process will increase your chances to lose weight and keep the weight. So, be careful, adhering to those programs and diets that offer quick weight loss.

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Fitomutsil and weight

fatIt’s long-awaited summer, and brought with it the warmth and good humor, and of course now more than ever want to look great wearing summer clothes and enjoy the sun.

But what if for the winter had accumulated a few extra pounds, the skin has lost elasticity and freshness, but still concerned about the problems with the intestines – bloating, constipation? Respond to this question will help site Deities

Intestines become lazy, not always on time doing its job. From this a bad mood, overall health deteriorates.

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